Tokin Teekanun

Stone Free is a Music Art event. It is organised as a music festival inspired by true to its nature sound/honest music in the way that artists perform according to how they feel in their natural ways without any commercialisation. Stone Free is described an empty space with its natural beauty. The festival is very different from commercial concerts which generally set up with huge stage and use modern technology. Stone Free's organiser invites various artists to play their music in this back to the nature event which focuses on the authentic sound of music that travel through surrounded mountains where the venue is set. 

tone Free welcome those who love nature and respect its phenomena and music. We invite like-minded people to get back to the nature and submerge them with meaningful honest music from a wide selection of artists. The festival has adequate food and drinks and plenty of space for camping as well as toilets and basic amenities or you can just bring yourself to enjoy various bands playing their meaningful sound. See you all at Stone Free. Before you leave the festival, we ask that you do not leave any rubbish behind.

All Images by Audience and Keaw Keaw

Stone Free I 
actual Line up was

Chladni Chandi
Stylish Nonsense
Abstraction XL
The Stickie Rice
Buddhist Holiday
Summer Dress
Noah's Tape
Diva INT.
Conrad Keely
Thom AJ Madson
Into the Air
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