Tokin Teekanun

A Part of You, A Part of Me
Curated by Tokin Teekanun

One part is small and is only a part of something
That something is a lot of things put together

If something is a person, 
a part of that person might be the surroundings or an experience that a person can acknowledge, feel, accept, and select for themselves. No matter they seek for it or it happens unexpectedly. 

A part of you = Things that you select for yourself
A part of me = Things that I select for myself

A part of the artist = Something that the artist chooses to express for their work
A part of the viewers = Something that the viewers choose to select for themselves

"A part of you, a part of me" project aims to create a shared experience between something and a part of it. Both in a task and the communication to the public, both invited and uninvited. This will depend on them whether they choose to be a part of this work "A part of you, a part of me" or not

A Part of You

Pok Stylish Nonsense
June Bear-Garden
Gap T-bone
Pook The Sticky Rice
Pong The Temperary Channel
Yong Chladni Chandi
Tat Basement Tape
Ben Basement Tape
Jin Matutamtada
Benjamin Surangkanjanajai

A Part of Me

Krissakorn Thinthupthai
Pisitakun Kuntalang
Sina Wittayawiroj
Pare Nadda
Namfon Udomlertlak
Tada Hengsapkul
Sompop Suwanwattanakul
Orawan Arunrak and Tom Meddings
Ekkalak Satidtawat
Tokin Teekanun