Tokin Teekanun

...being stomach of each others… 
By Pratchaya Phinthong

26 August - 26 December 2011 opening party 18:00 PM

The project based on the idea of building and generating audible work that operating in the Audiotext telecommunication service, simply known as voice response application that allows users to enter and sometime retrieve information over the phone.

I propose the idea of inviting number of artists choices by the artist Pisitakun Kunatalaeng when he asked me to join the exhibition/intervention of the mobility space in form of Motor-Taxi service group.

The idea is to reverse the mobility space to an audible space, the word "mobility" is transformed the ambient sound of reality on street to the non-place with no limit of access. the invitation that i propose to Pisitakun is become less of what we shall see but what should we listen to. Moreover, the space is situated in a telecom provider server, hereby i shall call it "a cave" in which transform the being displacement of reality. the present of a person is set to elsewhere and move in the flow of listening methodology.

Alongkot Jaisong, 
Tanasan Kanakasemn, 
Pongsakorn Bunkan, 
Tokin Teekanun, 
Arnont Nongyao, 
Parichat Jirasakwittaya, 
Stylish Nonsense, 
Sina Wittayawiroj.