Tokin Teekanun

The World May Never Know 
by Tokin Teekanun 

Video Installation (6:23) 

A re-examination of a turning point in my past that has led to my current collaboration with non-mainstream artists. (My work used to be commercial. Commercial works often use stars, famous actors and celebrities in branding. I want to present my art in a commercial way, but with people who are not famous or well-known among a wide audience, those who are inspiration for the non-mainstream musicians and listeners of today.)

June, Stylish Nonsense
Jean-David Caillouët
Pete, I _ / \ - I _ / \
Bird, Desktop Error
Kluay, Jryntanakai
Gardener Twins
Pook, The Sticky Rice
Thom AJ Madson
Sano, LowFat
Win, Srirajah Rockers

Courtesy of Greyhound Original

Organized by The Japan Foundation, 
Co-organized by Bangkok Art and Culture Centre.

Looker Magazine VOL.5 FEB 2015 051

Looker Magazine VOL.5 FEB 2015 051