Tokin Teekanun

By The Sea

From Talking About It EP available now via Archive Project

Directed by Tokin Teekanun

Directed by: Tokin Teekanun
Assistant Director: Pitiya Anantaprut
Director of Photography: Tokin Teekanun
Assistant Camera: Alongkorn Meechai

June, Kluy, Pik, Pare, B, Nop, Tung, Sao, Meng, Golf, Jar, Tuan, Yong, Ki, Tat, Ben, Pok

All Background Footage:
Once Upon A Wave (1963)
Free And Easy (1967)
Manufraktuk (1985)
Entlastungen (1988)
Muzne Hry (1988)
Mitch Murder, Breeze
Grimlyformingpw Channel
Some Rare Footage of Pantera
Crytal Light National Aerobic
Sword Wielding Sikhs Clash

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Basement Tape
Stylish Nonsense
Chladni Chandi
Hariguem Zaboy
Summer Dress
Live TV Studio