Tokin Teekanun

Remember Ah Kong

Friday 22 June 2012
@ WTF Alley

We invite you to participate in a collective recitation of the poem written by Ah Kong’s wife Khun Rosmalin, to be read 112 times during the evening, in Thai or English.

~ The poem will be read 112 times by the collective performers. Come as an individual or you can form a group with each member of the group reading it. You can read it once or 10 times.

~ The performance will end after the 112th recitation.

Confined within four walls and riddled by ill health, a man sees little justice. He breathes his last. Some days before that his love sends him a poem – celebrating the years they spent – with a wish to grow even older together. How many times did her words echo over and over again in his mind as he waited for an outcome? We too were waiting for an outcome, but death was far from our minds.

Adding your voice is to build up to a crescendo of remembrance – a crescendo to succour souls, and one that may add to our yearning of and call for change.

The imprisonment of Ah Kong for violating law 112 — 4 sms messages from his phone, resulting in a 20 year prison sentence — shocked and disturbed many. His death while in custody and care of the Thai Criminal and Judicial system, rejecting bail 8 times, has brought a new wave of outrage, sadness and confusion. Unbeknowst to the fact of what really happened, he appeared to our eyes as a simple man who barely knew how to operate his phone, and he has become a symbol for grand ideas and outlandish grievances. Throughout much of his ordeal, he was alone with minimal charity or attention from the system that imprisoned him nor the public at large.

A copy of the poem in Thai and English translation here: